Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, LLC
9271 Molly Stark Trail Woodford, Vt. 05201
(802) 375-3061

Iron Mountain Iron & equipment, LLC

9271 Molly Stark Trail

W oodford, Vermont 05201

(802) 375-3061

Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, LLC

Iron Mountain Towing  (802) 375-3061

 9271 Molly Stark Trail, Woodford, Vermont 05201

 Flatbed Bodies for Trucks...Quality built with pride and structural steel.

We offer cash & carry prices, AND absolutely FREE delivery to your location for your convenience. Save BIG by purchasing from Iron Mountain Iron and Equipment,llc on your next steel flatbed body!

Sizes from 7 ft. to 12', single and dual wheels, 2 models to choose from. Stylish, tubular headboards or straight to accept racks.

Installation will be coming soon. Right now, it's time to save money AND that older, good running truck (or new of course,) and make it a LOT more versatile.

Convenient, Old-Fashioned Friendly Service is all we know. Treating customers the way we like to be treated isn't difficult at all, in fact, it's natural.

Quality built steel flatbed bodies for pickup truck bed replacements.

FREE delivery anywhere in the northeast, UP TO 100 miles of our location. After 100 miles, we'll have to charge a fair delivery fee to cover the "liquid gold"...But it'll still be less than most carriers would charge, and more convenient to have it brought to your location.


That's what sets us apart from others we think, is our commitment to getting our quality products to customers as reasonably as possible, so they can concentrate on other issues without taking the extra time to get their own equipment. But if it's something you'd prefer to do, by all means, come on up and grab what you need.


When others are closed for business, Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, llc is on the ball. We check our messages constantly, monitor the website and emails all the time, to make sure we are available during those hours when store front business aren't. We know how it is to be looking for something, or some information at least after hours, and it's not possible until Monday we vowed to bring the communication to you every single day so you can make your plans for the next move. That's pretty tough to find anywhere else, but very easy for us to do....because it's something we love and are committed to in serving our customers well. Whether it be by email, website inquiry or cellphone we'll get back to you asap no matter what day, what time, what the concern.

To make a SECURE PAYMENT, or put a DEPOSIT down on something you'd like to get from us, please go to the "CONTACT US" page by clicking on that option at the top of this page, and it'll bring you right to the spot where we all get happy...when MONEY changes hands, lol. We use Paypal for the peace of mind that all transactions are safe.